Intelligent and beautiful, but sometimes also stubborn and naughty: our donkeys are numerous in the stable.

The biggest is Luna, who stands out for her sweetness. Skippy, on the other hand, is a great cuddly animal.

Sometimes in our stable you can find now little donkeys just borned.

In winter our donkeys eat the hay we harvest in the summer months, while in the summer they graze in the valley of Livigno, eating the fresh mountain grass. Healthy nutrition for the animals and beneficial for our territory!

You can make our donkeys happy by giving them some hay!


Cute, lively and clever are our cheerful goats.

There are many females and only one billy goat.

Actually, even the dwarf is there, with the dwarf goats and their babies.

Our goats are lively, to calm them it is sufficient a pices of dry bread!

You can make our goats happy by giving them dry bread!


One egg a day keeps the groceries out of the way!

Our hens are few, however they are nice and productive

Each of them produce six fresh eggs per week.

There's only one rooster in the hens-house coop and sometimes you hear him sing in the morning.

You can pick up the still warm eggs from our hen-house!


Our lovely rabbits are soft and affectionate.

Sometimes new births we cheer our day.

As well as being pretty, they're also very greedy.

Carrots, cuddles and caresses are the best things to do!

You can pamper our cute bunnies!


All our sheep are quiet and very beautiful.

Black is the face and legs, white is the wool like a cloud.

Little rascals are our lambs.

In summer they go out to pasture, in winter they are warm inside the stable.

You can caress our soft and special sheep!